The following list of games, organized by publisher, are ones I've found with a prior listing or stated intent to release on specific digital PC stores, but then either launched on other third-party PC stores instead, or moved to another third-party store following a release. These are the exclusives listed here, sometimes referred to as "bait-and-switch".

Several games below have been said to be timed exclusives and may release or have released on previously planned stores following a set period. Some may also release simultaneously or sooner on additional stores before the originally announced ones.

Click game names to open an external page indicating evidence of prior intent (such as store listing archive, changelog, crowdfunding page, or related). Clicking game names under Potential Exclusives will link to the current store page or related page instead.

Icon-bulleted lists under games hold additional details. Small text directly next to the game title indicates the developer for anything not self-published. Dates are in year/month/day format.

Updated 2023/2/28

*   General info
>  Originally announced/listed stores
=  Shared "exclusive" stores (anything before release on original stores)
 Upcoming un-exclusive date
No longer exclusive
Pulled from exclusive stores before release on original stores
$  Appears/confirmed to not release on original stores later ("lifetime" exclusive)
?  Reason for possible exclusive

Epic Games Store

Google Stadia Exclusives

Stadia service shut down 2023/1/18

Apple Arcade Exclusives

Windows Store Exclusives

Facebook Oculus Exclusives

Potential Exclusives (no final word yet)

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There are 92 exclusive games on this list:
81 Epic + 5 Stadia + 4 Apple Arcade + 1 Windows Store + 1 Oculus
Additionally, 5 noted may become exclusive.
Some are shared between the stores, but are counted here in top-down order.
Out of the above exclusives, 71 games have since released on at least one of the original stores, following exclusivity periods.

Submit any corrections or additions with proof to sonickitsune on protonmail.

A game can be on this list if it has had stated intent to release (even as little as a store logo in a trailer or website) or a live listing on a store (may be archived if it was delisted), but delayed or removed in favor of others.

This list can also include games that are "remastered" with the original pulled from sale, games previously available that move to another store entirely, or games found to have any prior presence on a store it did not release on, even for testing.

This does not include games initially only a generic "PC" listing before final store-specific announcements, exclusivity revealed alongside the game itself, or PC ports of existing other platform games being revealed alongside the exclusive announcement. This also does not include console exclusivity. For the purpose of this list, cloud platforms count as PC-accessible.

This list, started in May of 2019, is composed of independently gathered and researched information, from multiple sources, about the above games related to exclusivity store-switching deals to the best of my knowledge, and the decision of what to do with this information is entirely the responsibility of the user. The purpose of this list is to provide a living record of previous and ongoing events related to the subject for the sake of transparency and consumer information.