The following list contains games, organized by publisher, that I've noted having a prior listing or stated intent to release on Steam and other PC platforms, but then switched out to avoid those platforms and launch on other PC platforms instead. These are the "exclusives" this list focuses on. Several of these have been said to be "one year exclusives" and may release on the previously planned platforms later. Others may also release simultaneously or sooner on additional PC platforms before the original ones.

This list covers only those that have switched launch platforms after any initial announcement, not those revealed as exclusives immediately. This list does not cover console exclusives, only PC platforms.
"Remasters" of games previously available elsewhere on digital platforms, but with the original pulled, also count on this list. This does not include re-releases or remasters of old physical games unavailable on digital PC platforms.

Click game names to open an external page indicating prior intent (such as Steam listing archive, changelog, crowdfunding page, or related).
Asterisks hold additional details. Small text directly next to the game title indicates the developer for anything not self-published.

Updated 6/2/2020

Epic Games Store

Stadia Exclusives

Apple Arcade Exclusives

Suspected Exclusives (no final word yet)

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There are 70 total games on this list, including:
55 Epic exclusives,
2 Stadia exclusives,
1 Apple Arcade exclusive,
and 12 suspected to become exclusive.
Some games are launch-shared between the above stores, but are counted here in top-down order.
Out of the above, 11 games have since broken exclusivity and released on at least one of the original stores.