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December 10, 2017 (Originally posted on Blogger)

Spotify's Top 2017 Songs JUST FOR ME!

Apparently Spotify has been doing things like trying to figure out what you like and all that, and is also jamming it into playlists like Discover Weekly. This time they did their own year-end, and because of what I tend to find on there, mine came out... very weirdly. But that's just what I do, I guess. Anyway time to try to explain why I like certain songs, or at least listened to them enough for them to end up on here.

  1. One Night In Bangkok (Bonus Track)
    Frosttide (Album: Blood Oath)
    So here's a weird song. I have to admit I like the original for its 80s-ness. It's somehow a song about chess on an album that eventually led to a play about kinda the same thing but I don't know if this song actually got into that. Anyway here's a thrash metal version where you can hardly tell any of the lyrics because it's a lot of loudness and screaming. I think I just love the absurdity of this even existing.
  2. Carillon - Radio Mix
    Magic Box (Album: Carillon)
    Here's a weird... 2000s dance type song? It's strange and about some kinda music type box, maybe. It's just utterly weird. And it has hardcore bass action. Definitely a lot more danceable than some modern EDM. Also weird. Did I mention weird?
  3. F**k You
    Lily Allen (Album: It's Not Me, It's You)
    Sometimes you just need a song that says FUCK YOU VERY MUCH to a bunch of fuckers. Except this version goes (CLOWN HORN) (DOG BARK) (HORSE NOISE) YOU. I don't know why it put the censored version here. I had the RAW UNCUT MAXIMUM FUCK edition bookmarked.
  4. The Look (She's Got the Look)
    Grief Hit (Album: Top 100 Hits Of The Cemetery Mourning)
    Here's a crappy cover of The Look by Roxette but not exactly. For some reason this has something to do with mourning the dead. SHE'S GOT THE LOOK. Of a corpse. Sometimes I just follow the weird rabbit hole of bad covers to find more of them. Eventually I was thinking of covering a bunch in a playlist.
  5. Monster Halloween Fart FX
    Rotten Monster Band (Album: Haunted Halloween Fart Music)
    And then there's... this. I don't know how I found this. For some reason someone had the idea of combining spooky music and sounds with a bunch of farts. There are multiple albums of this kind of thing. It doesn't even really match, they just overlaid multiple tracks. I was planning on playing this full blast (GET IT BLAST LIKE A BUTT EXPLOSION THAT IS A FART) on Halloween for some reason but didn't. Maybe for the best.
  6. Max Don´t Have Sex With Your Ex
    E-Rotic, John O'Flynn (Album: The Best Of)
    At some point I was just looking up a bunch of songs by this one techno band(?) called E-Rotic, and I'm not sure why. They have a bunch of songs that are kinda related and sometimes even pretty similar, like this series of songs where they kinda rhyme a name with something sex-related. Some lady says about to not have "sax" with "you ax" because it'll make his life "complax" and knock him off his "lax". Accents I guess. And this guy raps about being Max who wants sex. But sex moans happen sometimes so I guess they did have the sex.
  7. Poltergeists' Scary Halloween Fart Music
    Rotten Monster Band (Album: Farting Halloween Jams)
    And then for some reason someone took the farting Halloween music thing and tried to make dance music out of it. It was the same people overlaying three unrelated tracks again, this time trading spooky music for dance club jams. Whoops my CD just skipped but nobody could tell you let one rip because that's this entire album.
  8. Poison
    Groove Coverage (Album: Greatest Hits)
    At another point I was looking up covers of Alice Cooper's Poison. Dance remixes of course come up. Sometimes I look up less bad covers. Just... weird genre shifts. Of an already weird song.
  9. Bad Television
    Dubmood, zabutom (Album: Bad Television)
    I think this one came up in some suggestions or new release discovery type thing. It's an interesting mix of rock and chiptune. Sometimes I discover stuff that's just good without any screwing around, even though a lot of my Spotify listening is the closest it could get to shitposting. Sometimes literally, in the case of the Halloween farts.
  10. Ass Up - IC3M4N Short
    Baracuda (Album: Ass Up)
    Speaking of farts, here's an ass. And instead of your hands, put your ass up in the air. That's most of the lyrics. Just PUT YOUR ASS IN THE AIR PUT YOUR ASS UP IN THE AIR MOVE AROUND LIKE YOU DON'T CARE. I think that would actually be all of the lyrics. It's a techno dance type song, of course. It probably won 8 Grammys that year. Including best lyrics.
  11. Mi Mi Mi
    Serebro (Album: Mi Mi Mi)
    I found weird music again, of course. I'm guessing it's foreign? It's in English, I think. But probably European. Some kinda pop. Europop.
  12. Magic Scary Halloween Fart Music
    Rotten Monster Band (Album: Farting Halloween Jams)
    This again. So this isn't the last time this shows up on this list. I have some weird Spotify habits. And considering I listen to it only spottily, the metrics are a bit weird between curiosity of "this exists apparently" and stuff I actually plan to listen to.
  13. Independent Women Pt. II
    Destiny's Child (Album: Survivor)
    I looked this up because of a Rap Critic video. There was a song which was referred to as part 1 in the Charlie's Angels movie soundtrack, but this is part 2. I wasn't expecting a song reminiscent of circus clowns. It starts with the theme of Peabody's Improbably History, and goes back to it, and the singing during parts is a circus song. This is just utterly bizarre. But probably empowering to clown women.
  14. M.I.L.F. $
    Fergie (Album: Double Dutchess)
    Oh good, this made it on here. I've been wanting to talk about this one. This is one of those songs that's so bad it goes back to just being amazing. The title is pronounced "MILF money". She continues to make the same pun comparing MILF to milk throughout the whole song. And the song changes multiple times throughout for some reason, like it was several beats that got taped together. I think this happened because she just heard the term MILF, and was like, "what's that, it must be good to be one of those, and it sounds like milk, I HAVE AN IDEA". Also she doesn't even get the term correct in the video, she clearly says the word "fuck" but the term is "Moms I'd Like to Follow" in the video. And somehow relates it to an Instagram-type page. This is a train wreck and I like it and I go back to it when I need to hear something obnoxious. Of course there's other songs on her album that happened this year. But this is probably the best worst one. Maybe of the whole year. Even since last year when the single first dropped.
  15. Poison - Dan Winter Radio Edit
    DJ Gollum, Scarlet (Album: Poison)
    Here's... another dance remix of Poison. This one goes harder. BASS BOOSTED. Not entirely. But techno dance songs with that backing bass beat seem to work. Remember, you want people to dance to your dance music. Not just hallucinate from various drugs they took because the music is boring.
  16. Temperature
    Sean Paul (Album: The Trinity)
    THE GAL DONE SKILL OUR TEAM! FIGHT ME LEONARD FARTY NARTY SHARTY! I GOT THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE FRESCHETTA YOU FROM THE STORM. OH LONG CALACUTTA RIGHT TACTICS TO TURN YOU ON. ANGURLI, WANNA BE THE POPEYE YOU CAN BE THE MALL. UH OH! See I have no idea what he's saying. Something about Vishnu's green banana? Blitz with fartknock gravy? That makes this song better somehow, trying to figure out the words. Even if it does have real words. And the backing beat is incredibly basic. BANG BANG BANG. DOOT. DOOT DOOT. So if you're farting in your jeans with a wide Discover, this might be the one for you.
  17. Univiidakko
    Chorale (Album: Unimaailma)
    Here's... foreign music. Dance club from maybe Finland? A country around those parts at least, I don't know all the differences in the languages quite yet.
  18. Mi Mi Mi
    Selene RMX (Album: Mi Mi Mi)
    Here's a sorta remix of a song from earlier. Apparently. It sounds pretty similar but kinda just adds an overlay and cuts to parts of the song.
  19. Never Wanted To Dance
    Mindless Self Indulgence (Album: If)
    Songs from this band seem to represent a period of time in our lives that I don't know if we really left. Especially if you hit the goth phase hardcore or something. Maybe. I didn't but I still enjoy this. Maybe black metal, going by another song that mentions having "coffee black just like my metal"? Maybe electropunk, apparently? Whatever this is. Also the vocalist calls himself Jimmy Urine. So that's a plus.
  20. Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)
    Limp Bizkit (Album: Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water)
  21. Work It
    Missy Elliott (Album: Under Construction)
    Back in the day we had MTV2 and it showed music. Because they already screwed up the first MTV. And somehow there was a bootleg signal of that we could pick up. That's how I know so much about 2000s hip hop. Comparatively, at least. I remember watching this video a lot because it was weird. She also has some mad lyricism, as heard on other songs. Also when she flips and reverses it, it really does get reversed. SECRET MUSIC SECRETS.
  22. Non Non Non - Original Radio Mix
    Lolita Jolie (Album: Non Non Non)
    Here's a French song. But partly in English for some reason. The song is mainly her just saying "you think you're the kind of guy who can talk to me, WELL NO" over and over. All over some hard-hitting (kinda) beat with accordion for some reason.
  23. Totally Rad (From "Sonic Adventure 2") [Remix]
    GameChops, Chjolo, DJ-R (Album: Spindash 2)
    I guess I listened to this once. I don't usually look up fan remixes of game music on here, normally I look for the regular kind. And maybe find the remixes somewhere else.
  24. Boss 01
    SEGA SOUND TEAM (Album: Gunblade NY & L.A. Machineguns Original Soundtrack)
    I don't know why I wanted to look up the soundtrack to games where you can hardly hear the music over the guns just constantly going BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG and the arcade machine has this vibration motor in the guns to make those vibrate so it's going BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG and it's also bass boosted in the floor so you have this speaker at your feet going BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG but maybe we should appreciate weird arcade music sometimes. And the arcade itself more. And weird unnecessary but needed attachments that just make it louder.
    SEGA SOUND TEAM (Album: Gunblade NY & L.A. Machineguns Original Soundtrack)
    See the above, I don't really have much to say about this video game music aside from "if you played arcades in the 90s this is it".
  26. So what
    Marilii (Album: Siivilläin lennän)
    I might have listened to something from this album randomly once from suggestions? And not even this song? SO WHAT I AM A ROCKSTAR AND I DRIVE 15 CARS WHEN I ONLY GOT 6 GARAGES. It's not that. It's some foreign swing kinda thing.
  27. To The Moon (feat. Fantomen K)
    Dunderpatrullen, FantomenK (Album: Keygeneration)
    I don't remember listening to this one. Chiptune dance, but with dog. BARKBARKBARKBARKBARKBARK
  28. I’ll Never Let You Know
    Basic Element (Album: I’ll Never Let You Know)
    Did I listen to a bunch of music when I was asleep somehow? Considering I turn off the computer and streams and all that when I sleep, I doubt it, but I don't recognize some of these songs. More techno though.
  29. Starship One (Radio Version)
    Starchild (Album: The Complete Collection)
    What is this and when did I hear this? Probably on the suggestions, again. Finding old dance songs with really high pitches and actual beats to the techno.
  30. Egg Mobile ...Boss: Egg Hornet
    SEGA SOUND TEAM, Jun Senoue (Album: SONIC ADVENTURE Original Soundtrack (20th Anniversary Edition))
    I guess boss music from Sonic Adventure came up at some point, not surprising. I was probably looking for the song that plays during the GET A LOAD OF THIS bosses. There's at least two of those. And one even overlaps its loads so you get maximum loads.
  31. Burn, Hollywood, Burn
    Exodus (Album: Exhibit B: The Human Condition (Bonus Version))
    Hardcore metal. Sure. Something about Hollywood.
  32. Bang Bang (Metal version) (Metal version)
    Death Come Cover Me (Album: Screamo Covers of Chart-Hits - August 2014)
    I think this is the metal version. I may have looked up a song or two of theirs. I don't really remember this one much except I think the original reminded me of WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO GO SOMETHING INTO THE NIGHT GOTTA HIT THAT HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH
  33. Welcome to Station Square
    SEGA SOUND TEAM, Jun Senoue (Album: SONIC ADVENTURE Original Soundtrack (20th Anniversary Edition))
    Hey it's the song you hear a lot of the time in Sonic Adventure because it's the city song. Do the people in the city hear this all the time and get tired of it?
  34. Nanking
    Exodus (Album: Exhibit B: The Human Condition (Bonus Version))
    More metal from these guys. I'm not sure what I looked up from them. Or if this was just another suggestion.
  35. Russian Girls - Radio Mix
    Sasha Dith (Album: Russian Girls)
    Not sure what to say about this one. I guess it's techno.
  36. Number One Spot
    Ludacris (Album: The Red Light District)
    Yeah, I remember the time Ludacris made a rap song that referenced Austin Powers a lot to the point where even Mike Meyers showed up in the video in character. And the song keeps repeating the first few seconds of the theme song and gets stuck. This sure is ludicrous.
  37. Black Widow (Metal version) (Metal version)
    Death Come Cover Me (Album: Screamo Covers of Chart-Hits - August 2014)
    Hey, it's another metal version, this time the song about baby black widows. I think the hope of looking up metal versions was that they would thrash harder and scream more unintelligibly. Maybe was hoping for the genius that is One Night In Bangkok up top.
  38. March Of The Sycophants
    Exodus (Album: Exhibit B: The Human Condition (Bonus Version))
    More metal. I mean I do enjoy metal sometimes.
  39. My Neck, My Back (Lick It)
    Khia (Album: Thug Misses (Digitally Remastered))
    This is another song I listen to sometimes because it's disgustingly quaint. You should know the words and sing along. Just do it. Do it. Lick all the parts. If you want to take this to the next level, there's a song where the only lyrics are PUSSY PUSSY DICKY DICKY TONGUEY TONGUEY LICKY LICKY. Unfortunately it doesn't look like that got on here. But it should be.
  40. Blue (Da Ba Dee)
    Funny Deluxe Tunes (Album: Counting Stars)
    This cover hurts my face. The autotune is even half-assed. I'm not sure how you even do that.
  41. The Potion
    Ludacris (Album: The Red Light District)
    I think the only way I've really heard this song is because I think it may have followed the Austin Powers song in the video, for a period of time they would just randomly cram on the first minute of the next song. Just being like hey here's another video but we didn't wanna do the whole thing so it's just a minute tacked on to the last one.
  42. Hooked on a Feeling (From "Guardians Of The Galaxy")
    Voidoid (Album: Rogue One - Out Of This World Movie Themes)
    The thing about these covers is that you get to hear the attempts. Somehow UGA CHAKA became WHO GOT SHOTGUN. Also this album seems to contain covers of very not Star Wars things like Pirates of the Caribbean. And somehow Final Fantasy VII.
  43. Gangnam Style
    Funny Deluxe Tunes (Album: Counting Stars)
    The thing about Gangnam Style being popular for some time is that you get a bunch of weird covers by people who I'm pretty sure don't speak Korean. And all the synth instruments end up broken. I'm an owl, silence you narwhal.
  44. Starfighter
    Eric Speed (Album: Starland)
    I think I found this guy from a cover of Maniac. Something about electric violins. Interesting stuff, techno angles.
  45. Fritz Love My Titz
    E-Rotic, John O'Flynn (Album: The Best Of)
    It's another classic E-Rotic song where a name rhymes with some kinda sex stuff. But this time the rapping guy isn't Fritz in the story, he's warning him about something instead. Apparently a crazy other guy, who is him, perhaps this is an affair.
  46. S&M (I Like It)
    Funny Deluxe Tunes (Album: Counting Stars)
    Banana, come on. ASS ASS ASS AND AM AM AM. Is what I'd say if I was listening to the original. But covers tend to change the accents involved. Even so it still sounds a bit ASS AND AM-y.
  47. Patrik and the Small Guy / Throw Your Hands Up - Basshunter Remix
    Basshunter (Album: LOL <(^^,)>)
    Here's what is apparently a remix and some hardcore techno rave stuff. I remember this guy would make songs about playing DOTA matches but when they translated them they just became love songs. But this one is better. HOPPAR HOPPAR HOPPAR HOPPAR. Apparently that means JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP. This must be painful house.
  48. Grammys
    Drake, Future (Album: Views)
    Oh look the megasuperultramegarate is showing up. I didn't really like this one though. I wasn't a fan of a lot of that album. Whatever kind of rap this is doesn't go with me.
  49. 3D Nightmares
    Eric Speed (Album: Starland)
    It's more of electric violin techno, but slower this time. So that's... what's less than Eric. Whatever speed that is.
  50. Willy Use A Billy..Boy
    E-Rotic, John O'Flynn (Album: The Best Of)
    In this context a "billy" is a condom. The apparent video for this involves a condom punching sperm. It's a cartoon. Yes these songs have had videos but often times it's a mashup of various cartoons sometimes with boobs, especially when the concepts and structures of the songs get reused across each other. And sex is spelled with an X. And there's a long ding dong. This one sure has some lyrics.
  51. Childs Play
    Drake (Album: Views)
    This got on here somehow. Why did all the songs I liked least from this album get on here and not the interlude or the ones where he screws with the drum machine?
  52. My Party
    Party People United (Album: Fußball Megahits 2014 - Die besten Songs zur WM-Sause)
    What is this. Is this a bootleg of something Will.I.Am did?
  53. Pokemon
    Cartoon Group (Album: Fantastici cartoni)
    This isn't even a cover, maybe, or maybe it just is. It's not like the theme song, unless it is in some foreign country. They say something about catching all of them, of course. Then I don't know the rest of the language.
  54. 9
    Drake (Album: Views)
    Please keep screwing with the drum machine. It's better that way.
  55. Death Ruins
    Of course somehow Shadow music ends up on here. It's like Sonic music but edgier. I don't even know most of the levels in this one but I think there's ones where you go to the past and others that are inside a computer for some reason because what is design decisions.
  56. All Hail Shadow
    OBLITERATING EVERYTHING THAT'S NOT YOUR BREAD, WHEN THERE'S NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE YOU WIN. Wow this is a butt. Perfect. Sonic music is either good or """good""". Then there's Sonic Chronicles. What the hell is that.
  57. Dragon ball
    Cartoon Group (Album: Fantastici cartoni)
    Here's another cover/not-cover theme/not-theme. How did I even find this album of whatever this is. Fighting on the ground? I think that's the least they did. They did weird stuff like fly around and I think fought inside each other while they were merged with each other or something crazy like that.
  58. Happy
    Beautiful Minds (Album: Best of Jogis Jungs - Worldcup 2014)
    Here's a weird cover that I'm not sure makes anyone happy. It sounds like they tried to record it without waking up the house because they're really quiet and whispering.
  59. Scream and Shout
    Creem, Shawty (Album: Best of Jogis Jungs - Worldcup 2014)
    The normal version of this song really sucks. Here's a cover that might somehow make it better by being so bad.
  60. Magic Halloween Fart FX
    Rotten Monster Band (Album: Haunted Halloween Fart Music)
    More spooky fart action because... funny? I find it more funny from the absurdity that this exists and is so thrown together.
  61. Mad Matrix
    I think this is from one of the levels where he goes inside the computer. Yes, one of. There's two. And this isn't even when he finds the computer room.
  62. 007
    Toy-Box (Album: Toyride)
    Here's a strange thing, some kinda techno pop that kinda acts like a weird Bond theme if it was made in some country where they didn't have any music aside from techno pop. Really bad double entendre attempts. And then in the middle of the song they're really stupid about figuring out what a bomb is. RUN FORREST RUN. Yes they actually say that in the song. This has to be a bizarre parody of a band.
  63. Bad Taste Aquarium ...for Hot Shelter
    SEGA SOUND TEAM, Jun Senoue (Album: Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack (vol.2))
    I think this is where Big goes to find Froggy for yet another time, and breaks the whole aquarium zone to do so. Which just exists on the ship for some reason.
  64. Candy Halloween Fart FX
    Rotten Monster Band (Album: Haunted Halloween Fart Music)
    More farts, more spooks. Why is this just on here so much.
  65. Russian Lullaby
    Toy-Box (Album: Toyride)
    Somehow a Russian lullaby is this techno remix. I guess there's a lot of dance clubs somehow? And you go there to sleep. Maybe there's an actual lullaby in there but I don't know much about countries and their sleep music.
  66. The Bad Touch - Phillerz Remix
    DJ Gollum, Empyre One (Album: The Bad Touch)
    A weird remix of a cover of some kind, I guess. And I used to think the original was some weird remix of a song from somewhere. It gets hardcore though.
  67. KISS
    Heartsrevolution (Album: Ride or Die)
    And I don't know where this came from at all. I don't think this is about the metal band.
  68. Get Busy
    Sean Paul (Album: Dutty Rock)
    SHAKE THAT THING MISS CALACUTTA SHAKE THAT THING MISS ARMADILLO SHAKE THAT THING YOUR DADADADA DOING IT ON REBECCA. It's this guy again with the classics. I swear this song just loops for a while before it ends. They're just like, well, I guess it's long enough, end it here. The extended cut must be about 6 hours, something that makes things like Benny and the Jets and Crocodile Rock combined pale in comparison as far as length.
  69. Wannabe Metal version
    Death Come Cover Me (Album: Pop Goes Hardcore - Volume 1)
    Do you wanna zigazagazugazogozigizeguzogezugazegizago uh. Yeah this is weird.
  70. Walk the Dinosaur (From "Super Mario Brothers")
    Voidoid (Album: Monster Movies)
    Here's a cover. Infinity million years ago there was some Super Mario movie. Then they walked dinosaurs. Get on the floor and open a dinosaur. Open the box office and get on the floor before the dinosaurs kill the box office.
  71. Cola Song (feat. J Balvin)
    INNA, J Balvin (Album: Party Never Ends)
    Is this a theme song to a commercial? I don't think I've heard this one before. Definitely sounds like the year it's from. 2014. That weird fake trumpet thing.
  72. Spy Party
    Verka Serduchka (Album: Spy (Original Soundtrack Album))
    These people were on Eurovision at some point. Of course this song sounds a lot like the one they did there. Also apparently some weird movie called Spy happened and had a lot of European music.
  73. Men In Black
    Voidoid (Album: Monster Movies)
    First why is the intro just a bunch of guinea pig noises? Then we have some rapper attempt raps. This isn't the Will Smith you're looking for. Bees.
  74. Poison - Money G Radio Edit
    DJ Gollum, Scarlet (Album: Poison)
    Another techno dance remix of Poison, for some reason. Why was I looking these up again? I think I remember looking up covers for some other songs but no idea why, either.
  75. Ass Up - Groove Coverage Remix Short
    Baracuda (Album: Ass Up)
    Here's another version of the song which asks you to extend your whole ass into the air. Stretch it somehow, like the buttcheeks protrude forward.
  76. Venus - Radio Edit
    Chameleon, Rebecca Sparks (Album: Venus)
    I guess a techno remix of an 80s remix cover in some sort of other cover form. The original song at its core is a lot less... bombastic, I guess? The 80s version went full 80s, though. And this is just some techno variant. Doesn't add too much.
  77. Captain Jack - Grandale Remix
    Captain Jack (Album: The Race)
    I more remember this being on a Dance Dance Revolution game. It's that weird genre of... just dance stuff I guess. That kind of thing that's most of the soundtrack on the best DDR games because it's so energetic and weird.
  78. Mister James Bond
    Jean-Jacques Perrey (Album: Amazing Electronic Pop Sound Of)
    Now we're getting to some really good stuff. "Electronic pop" apparently. It came from between the 60s and 80s, probably. Figuring out synthesizers and jamming those into orchestras where possible. Though I'm not really sure what this has to do with James Bond.
  79. Advertise: Prof.Omochao
    SEGA SOUND TEAM, Jun Senoue (Album: Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack (vol.1))
    Here's a really chill track that's perfect for some robot Chao to yell instructions at you. Even though he will tell you what the jump button is and does in the levels themselves if you so much as move in front of him. And then you can throw him into stuff. I think they planned this out because they figured some people might be annoyed at the tutorial character and therefore made him attackable. But this is generally a relaxing track on a Sonic game.
  80. Ass Up - Radio Version
    Baracuda (Album: Ass Up)
    Somehow a radio version. Probably not much of the radio here, though. They censor words like drugs and other things. Even a song that literally just went ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS for 10 seconds straight in the beginning was changed to just saying "dance" a lot. And if this song had a rap in it, forget about that. Rap is scary, unless it's Macklemore.
    Crush 40 (Album: Sonic And The Black Knight Official Soundtrack (Vol.1))
    So sometimes I look up a bunch of Sonic music. Even weird stuff from weird games. I don't know why Sonic became a knight with a talking sword but they must have gotten the idea from how Sonic won't hold a gun, so the sword was the next best option. Plus there was once a weird rumor where Shadow had a talking gun, so of course the sword talks. Generally, even if the gameplay's weird, at least Sonic games have a lot of music. But we don't talk about Sonic Chronicles.
  82. All The Things She Said - Fernando Garibay Remix
    t.A.T.u. (Album: 200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane (10th Anniversary Edition))
    The best parts of this song are when they yell the words in the title. And also where they yell THIS IS NOT ENOUGH. So here's a weird dark rave remix of some kind.
  83. The Little Ships
    Jean-Jacques Perrey (Album: Amazing Electronic Pop Sound Of)
    I don't know what this has to do with small boats on the ocean exploding for some reason, but this is clearly the soundtrack of this rubber CGI naked man going to the store and getting stuck on stairs.
  84. Vampires' Scary Halloween Fart Music
    Rotten Monster Band (Album: Farting Halloween Jams)
    FART JAMS OUT THE ASS. Looks like this is the last time this shows up on here though.
  85. Axel F (Music Inspired By the Movie Beverly Hills Cop) - Tribute Version
    Grief Hit (Album: Top 100 Hits Of The Cemetery Mourning)
    This is an instrumental. How can you screw that up in a cover? Well, to the untrained ear, this is virtually identical. It just sounds slightly different. Maybe a little off. I think not having vocals helps these weird cover quasi-bootlegs. Also like the other song from this album that got on here for some reason, this is meant to be played at a funeral somehow.
  86. Arachnophilia
    Ace Waters, RichaadEB (Album: Determination)
    Somehow an Undertale cover got on here. This is a metal version of a song involving spiders. You probably know which if you've been online. At least it didn't just pull up that one song that everyone knows and references all the time, the one where you're having a bad day but the birds are shining and people should go outside or something.
  87. My Way
    Limp Bizkit (Album: Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water)
    MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. Quality yelling metal rap.
  88. Dansbandstechno - Instrumental
    Dunderpatrullen, Coola Kids (Album: Dansbandstechno)
    So for some reason the instrumental version of this song got on here, even though I know I've listened to the regular one more. Essentially it's some collaboration in some language which I think is formulated in a way to be popular, though I'm not sure if it took off. I looked up the lyrics translated and they're fairly generic for what could be a love song. There's even a part in French which is just a bunch of beginner level dialogue. The name of the song even just translates to "Techno Dance Band". I think this is some sort of Edelweiss effect. If you don't know who they are, they were this band who essentially followed this one book about how to be a successful pop star to the letter and had a period of success. Something about repetitive hooks and catchy tunes. This is just a weird take on that. Then again, the version on this list is just the instrumental. You need the lyrics for full effect. Even with all this considered, I still find the song enjoyable.
  89. Push It
    Solid Base (Album: Express)
    A dance cover from the end of the 90s. Definitely sounds like it's from there. Not sure what else it really changes. The genre hardly even changed, just the style.
  90. My Money - Radio Edit
    Serebro (Album: My Money)
    A song about wanting money for the things you want to buy. With that European dance pop thing. Inevitably with saxophone or quasi-saxophone.
  91. Once You Pop (You Can't Stop)
    Solid Base (Album: Express)
    Is this the Pringles theme song? I want to say it was at some point. Stuff happened in the 90s. I remember this one program I would mess with on the computer which was supposed to be some kind of Pringles concert remix generator and all you did was hit buttons and make these animations play. If someone can find what that was and find a copy I can throw into a virtual machine, I would probably record that for future reference.
  92. Gossip Folks (feat. Ludacris)
    Missy Elliott, Ludacris (Album: Under Construction)
    Here's Missy Elliott again, this time with Ludacris. A rap about rumors, pretty much. I hear one line as "half half ghost ghost I don't brag I'm mostly ghost". But then there's the hook which consists of actual nonsense but I hear words in it. Words such as: "Music cures the sells our Prozac listen to the muzak? Kazoo? My kisser. How Sega is it? It's a kisser. And so is I. Kazaam to Z, for those who see."
  93. Spider Dance
    Cement City (Album: Ghost Sandwich)
    Here's another Undertale cover of the same song as before, but they didn't change the name this time. Instead they kinda just made it some sort of chiptune and a swing beat transposer while inevitably adding that half-dubstep thing because that's modern I guess and they keep putting that music into car games. Why does Rocket League have so much EDM? Let me put on my own music, maybe. At least for the menus.
  94. Heart Shaped Box
    The Vichy Government (Album: Vanity Publishing)
    Here's a strange cover which just turns the song into just talking over a weird MIDI keyboard. And some lyrics kinda change along the way. I can sure find some weird stuff online.
  95. Non Non Non - Rob & Chris Remix Edit
    Lolita Jolie (Album: Non Non Non)
    Here's a remix of a previous song on this list but it just turns the beat into an chiptune tuba accordion before becoming generic dance track for a period.
  96. Dog Police
    Dog Police (Album: Dog Police)
    RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF. Where are they coming from, and who are they? And how did this song even happen? Early MTV was a good time because putting music with videos was a highly experimental format. And the 80s were just weird in general.
  97. Get Ugly Metal version
    Death Come Cover Me (Album: Get Ugly)
    It's the Flanders rap, but this time some people kinda scream at each other. Otherwise it's more like dark quasi-pop than metal.
  98. La Isla Bonita
    Twilight Guardians (Album: Sin Trade)
    Not the particular one I have bookmarked, but I listen to this song sometimes. Also I think they had this play on a clip of some anime where people are shooting rifles combining bizarre Matrix and boob physics, essentially the boobs do Matrix dodges and they use bullet cams for upskirt shots. Anime can get weirder, though. If you've seen that one where this one guy explodes his shirt to reveal his bra, which he ejects onto someone's face before doing rapid-fire pelvic thrusts, good, it gets weirder, and you need context. And this is before the incredibly bad dubs that happen sometimes. I don't just mean whatever 4Kids did, like actual legitimately terrible and possibly on purpose to the point where it might even be great.
  99. Dream a Dream - Radio Mix
    Captain Jack (Album: The Captain's Revenge)
    Another Captain Jack hit which takes Hall of the Mountain King and makes it a hardcore techno dance. I don't know if this got on a DDR game.
  100. Maniac
    Moullinex, Peaches (Album: Casablanca Reworks)
    I think I was trying to look up covers of Michael Sembello's Maniac and this might have shown up. This is a slower techno-disco sort of approach. But of course I'm not sure anyone could cover Automatic Man and make it even more 80s than it is. That is pure art. Especially with the video, masterpiece.
So, that's what Spotify apparently thinks of me. I don't know why certain songs I listened to multiple times didn't show up or were lower down while ones I listened to only once got on here up higher. But somehow it's a mix of bad covers, Halloween farts, and Sonic game stuff interspersed with other... things. If this was the actual year end then pop music would be in its weirdest but best era probably since the oldies and hippies times.

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