Welcome to other websites.

Here's a typical list of a selection of sites I've found at least somewhat interesting, or possibly of interest to somebody without being horribly illegal. This list will be updated sporadically with no real notice as to what specifically changed, due to the evolving and inconsistent nature of websites, but I'll try to keep a note of anything that becomes recommended or not recommended with a suitable reason. To keep this page from becoming a list of suggestions of things to buy or people to follow on social media, I'm making some rules as to what can't be on here.

As always, be cautious when browsing random websites. Adblock has been recommended in a general safety and convenience case, but I also try to recommend sites here that aren't utterly obnoxious with ads, so the less paranoid or annoyed browsers may feel as if they could disable it for a site or two.

Live, Hot Links

No, not in that way, these are recommended links that, last I've checked, are still active and may regularly get content updates, or are at least still existing without needing to access the archives.

Ancient Links

These sites have either gone completely defunct, or have morphed so much they're no longer recommended at all, but were once a great source of whatever the site was a source of. These links are archived or mirrored in some way and may take some time to load or have a lot of broken links within.

Almost Recommended

These sites are active ones I'd consider recommending up top, but there's a significant enough issue with them, possibly user-resolvable at the moment, that I'm not including them in the list above. However, it's not a major enough issue that they're excluded from this page entirely. The issue is usually related to ad saturation. Be cautious browsing these, and have adblock ready if the screen starts getting too saturated with nonsense. If a site wants to block access to itself for anyone who even looks like they have adblock installed, even if it's inactive on that site, they're probably not going to be on this list.

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