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Welcome to a spot on my site all about The Sims and whatever I've gotten up to in the games, as well as some recommendations on things such as mods and other content. The Sims is a long-running series and I've played a lot of entries in various forms, even some spinoffs.

My Sims

The Sims I've played with throughout my Sims history, at least ones I can recall or invested some time in. Expect a lot of non-traditional and barely humanoid Sims.

Sims 3


Sims 4

Chonkatron Robot •♦• Tanky Lizardman •♦• WarGreymon Digimon

Various Sims Mods

These are mods I've used on my game or have otherwise seen in action. Mods don't require any expansion packs unless otherwise stated. If there are any Sims mods I've made, you can find them on the page with all my mods.

Sims 3

Sims 4

Other Sims Content

If you're wondering why the Comic Sans, just look at the first game. They got away with that back then.

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