General questions about me or the site that may or may not be asked by anyone. I don't expect frequently, so it's just "questions".

Why make a website?
Why not make a website? I've wanted to have my own website for some time, and I've tried several hosts before in various forms of website-ness. Now I'm on this host, Neocities, which lets me control all the HTML and CSS and Javascript and other stuff that tends to go in a site. Plus, it allows me a level of customization that no social media site (Tumblr may come close, but still has its limits) allows these days. There are limits to what I can do under a free host, but it's pretty generous compared to most free hosts I've seen.

What is this site about?
A lot of things. Fitting with my tendency to drift between things freely and following the motivation I have at the time, this site has a lot of features. The biggest parts of the site at the moment would be my review blog (moved from Blogger), my "notes" page which is more of a random topic and thoughts journal, and my art pages as well as my screenshots pages for visual content. I'm often trying to think of a new thing to add as I go.

Who are you?
Look at my about page for more about me specifically.

Why a robot?
Why not robots? I like robots. I swear I'm not a spambot. Some are really into anime-styled people, some are really into anthropomorphic animals, and while I see the appeal of the latter with some recognition of the former at least in some aspect of existing anime or manga, what I really get into are robots. They have a lot of weird potential, and I figured out a design drawing from aspects I like in character designs.

Certainly you're a furry, right? Even with the robot thing?
Let's just say yes in general, and not break into technicalities over furries versus scalies versus whatever someone might call themselves who has a car or plane persona and so on, but not so obsessed as some can be. I do find animal characters generally neat, and their existence doesn't offend me either. I mainly just find non-human characters most appealing in general, largely robots, but also some other creatures, including animals acting like they're people. However I'm not going to fall for every single character of that description, either. I also just like real-life animals in general, including those that aren't typically anthropomorphized. I think people should have some fun with that, bring in some bugs or slugs for instance if they want to, don't feel obligated to be some kinda fox-like fox creature if it's not what they want.

Aren't you obsessed about Japan? Your username does have a Japanese word in it.
While I would like to visit the country someday to explore many aspects of the culture, I do enjoy anime and manga at times, and I'm gradually working on learning Japanese, I'm not the most hardcore otaku type. It just happens that a lot that has gotten my interest is related to Japan in some way, maybe just the unique offerings that hit my radar. I'd like to make any trip I take there more enriching than just hanging out at places like Akihibara all day for the entire vacation, but I wouldn't exclude that either, because I do still like to shop. Finding out aspects of culture of any region has been interesting to me, whatever the country. I'm not exactly an anthropologist but I can see the appeal.

Where did you come up with such a username as "SonicKitsune" anyway?
Blame me, back in middle school days, being pretty into Sonic the Hedgehog stuff. It's really a roundabout way to mention Tails from the series, as I thought that him being a tech wizard was appealing to me as a young nerd. It's stuck because I made a lot of my general accounts around then and the name is understandably not taken on most things I've tried signing up for.

Are you the same SonicKitsune from _____?
That depends, but given how many times I've gotten the username on things, it's likely. I've generally linked my main profiles and pages, active or not, somewhere on the site. Usually that's the front page, but for anything inactive it may be a link on another page somewhere on the site, more to show that something was there but I'm not using it anymore. I've sometimes searched for my username online, of course, and I've found a few accounts or pages named SonicKitsune (or similar) that aren't mine. I've also been on random forums across the web before, but I'm not really active on forums now. Ask me if you're not sure if someone's me or not.

Where do you stand on the political spectrum or a certain issue?
In a place where I prefer to not discuss anything political in typical company, or really any company if I can help it. There are other things to talk about that generate fewer arguments and enemies, and if a conversation drifts toward it, I tend to drift out as soon as possible. If I feel like I want to say something about something on my own, check the notes page, which is my substitute for ranting aimlessly on social media. Even then it's not typically about things like those issues, but it may rear its horrendous head at times.

Are you looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend/mate?
Probably not. If that changes for any reason, I'll do my best to not brag about finding someone to everyone and everything ever. I'd also try my best to make it work. However, I've been wrapped up in so many things over time that I might not be eager to add the responsibility of a relationship to the stack, so that's why it's a bit unlikely. Plus I've honestly been enjoying a relative independence, to sacrifice that for a partner would take one heck of a partner.

What's your computer setup?
Mainly Windows, because that's what's supported by most things, including games, as much as I'd like programs to support more than just Windows. Currently, my main driver desktop is running Windows 8.1 because I didn't want to install 10 as much as they were trying to force it on everyone. On that computer, I have two monitors (one 1080p widescreen, one 5:4 spare) attached. This desktop is pretty capable of running games, but nothing really demanding as of modern developments. My recently-built gaming PC, though, is another story, running Windows 10 (a pro edition I had laying around so I could actually configure it) and is capable of VR gaming as well, running most non-VR games I've tried pretty well. That one is often hooked up to the same monitor I use for most of my consoles. I also try to keep an active computer with some kind of Linux for whatever I do that requires it. Currently, I have Linux Mint installed on an older laptop that used to hold Windows. I don't have any active Mac computers personally, but I have an old one I might poke at from time to time.

What's your gaming setup?
Aside from the PC which I feel is my main focus for gaming, I have a bunch of consoles, mostly older stuff. I've gotten several of them well after the industry moved on, and there's even a decently capable clone console in the mix. My console-based interests are generally from the NES forward and don't really extend past Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft, but I am open to other games. I'm typically a late adopter of anything recent, if I get it. Most consoles are attached to a big HD monitor, but some are on an old CRT tube TV either for compatibility or running out of room on the big monitor. I've gotten pretty into VR lately, and as far as that I have a Valve Index for the big gaming PC and PSVR for the PS4.

What about phones?
I use Android because I like messing with things on systems, but I haven't rooted a phone before, for one thing it's harder to find roots for less-mainstream phones like the budget models I tend to get. They're useful tools that can also be used for terrible things. As far as phone games, I'm very picky regarding how much gets thrown onto the app stores that are just cheap money sinks involving gambling and really only stick with nonogram/picross puzzles.

How about cars?
I don't obsess over cars. I think some cars are pretty cool, such as the DeLorean as an example of peak 80s design, but any car I own is likely intended as a general purpose vehicle for general tasks. So probably a sedan for the sake of efficiency balanced with practicality. The car just has to work well.

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