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Welcome to my review blog. As a review blog, it's specifically tailored to reviews. Said reviews will most likely be about music, video games or elements of them, or maybe even some movies thrown in there. It's just whatever I feel like reviewing at the time.

There's a bit of history tied to this blog. Long ago, it started on an old Tumblr account, partly inspired by the music reviewing habits of a friend, but initially from a motivation to complain about games, maybe. Then before that Tumblr got deleted for some reason, I at least had the mind to back up the review posts from it, which I then sent over to Blogger (currently still up, but not updated) for several years in the name of splitting off content (and surviving the aforementioned deletion). Now, I've moved it back in with everything else in the name of having more control over my content, namely they royally screwed up the editor thanks to design by committee, as megacorps do.

Long story short, posts will be organized from the newest at the top to the oldest at the bottom, and will be tagged with certain tags as categories of the review subject. All reviews are in text format, so even a review tagged as a video is still a text article, just one that reviews some kind of video. Old posts will be kept as close to their original format as possible, which is at least in some kind of HTML so that helps. Images and links will be kept as intact as possible, even if I can't seem to find the archive of the thing so it just ends up being a dead link, unfortunately. Such is the internet.

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